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The Secret Tip for Getting the Help you Deserve

Have you ever found yourself wishing people could read your mid and just know when you need help. It would be so much easier – right? But it is a set up and it doesn’t usually work. Believe me, I have tried for years with no success.

If it makes you uncomfortable to think about asking for help – you are not alone. The 1 tip has helped many women and it can help you too – prepare what you will say and practice it

I know – it might sound strange to prepare and rehearse what you will say to ask for help – but if you are one of the many people who finds this hard to do – this tip REALLY helps.

Write it out, say it out loud to yourself until the words feel more familiar. It may still feel hard to do, but once you lean into that feeling and do it a few times, it will become so much easier

You deserve this help.

Imagine if someone you cared about said these exact same words to you, how would you react?

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