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Partner Not Listening - Why the heck won’t he listen to me

Having a baby with a partner you love is something very special. But it can also be very stressful.

Sleep deprivation can make us cranky and irritable under the best of circumstances. But add the challenge of being responsible for a tiny little person and it can have nerves fraying between the happiest of couples.

A woman recently shared her frustration and worry that her partner would not listen to her legitimate concern about the baby’s safety. Her partner accused her of “worrying too much” and “being too over-protective” and “interfering with his ability to bond with the baby.”

There are times when a mom’s anxiety could be running very high lending these comments to have some element of truth and accuracy. That would require one type of intervention. However, if there are difficulties in the couple relationship that could also be playing a factor in this dynamic, this would require a completely different type of intervention.

Knowing the difference when you are in the thick of this is going to be difficult – if not impossible. That is why reaching out for help and support may be your best option to figure out what is going on and develop the best course of action to get things back of track. You don’t want to lose time to enjoy being a family, but if you don’t pay attention to these important issues, you could be at risk of just that.

Don’t let that happen to you. Reach out to our office at The Relationship Centre or someone else who specializes in working with postpartum women and couples to help clarify what is going on and most importantly what you can do to make it better.

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