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Your path to enjoying motherhood begins here

Join a program & community designed to help you feel the happiness you deserve as a new mom.


It is hard to feel good when everything seems so hard.

Nobody wants to feel sad and overwhelmed when they have become a new mom.  It’s a terrible place to be. You want the life you imagined you would be enjoying now with your baby.  One that feels happy.  Whatever brought you here today, know that with the right help, you can feel the happiness and love you imagined.  And just by being here, you are one step closer to feeling better as a new mom.

Feeling overwhelmed and lonely, and believing nothing will make you feel better, is a hard place to be.  But you are not alone.  I know how to move you beyond the overwhelm and towards a life of happiness.  I have been on the same path with many other women before you and I know exactly where you need to go and how to get you there.  You deserve to enjoy your baby and your life.  

This Program will help you: 

  • Understand what you are going though

  • Learn that this is not your fault

  • Discover simple and easy ways to feel better

  • Get the help you need

  • Develop a self-care plan to take care of your needs

  • Learn how to  be a mom without losing who you are as a person

  • Avoid the common relationship stress that can come with having a baby

  • AND be a part of a small, safe and supportive community of moms just like you

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“I know how hard it is to admit that you are not okay right now.  It feels scary and you don't want to feel this way.  You may feel worried - will this get better.  I am here to tell you it can get better.  This program gives you everything you need to enjoy your baby and family the way you had anticipated." 

- Mary Joan Brinson

The program has been created by Mary Joan Brinson







I know it’s hard to be honest that you are not okay right now.  

As hard as that is, it can be even more difficult to pretend that you are.   Don’t wait for this to get better on its own.  You will miss out on enjoying your baby and family.

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