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3 Keys to Getting Breaks as a New Mom

Being a mom of a new baby is hard work. You are tired and your whole world is consumed with the needs of this tiny human. For many moms, it is easy to lose themselves in the needs of everyone else. Somehow their needs come last. They wanted to have a baby so this is just part of it – right?

I am here to let you know that that is not right. Every mom needs to have time to take care of herself. And doing so will mean she has more to give her to baby and family.

When mom doesn’t take time for herself it can lead to all kinds of challenges – exhaustion, overwhelm, and maybe even resentment. But there is a way to avoid some or all of that. And that is by taking breaks!

Here are the 3 keys to getting the breaks every mom deserves

  1. Set a clear plan to take a break. Ask one of your close support people to be on “baby duty” so you can take a break. This needs to be clear. Not - I will be available sometime tomorrow or the next day. It needs to be a set day, time and duration such as tomorrow which is Tuesday from 1:00 -3:00.

  2. Engage in activities that are just for YOU. This is not the time to do housework, errands or groceries. This is something that “fills your cup.” Some options could be a bath with a cup of tea, a walk alone or with a friend, a coffee date with a friend, sitting in your back yard with a book. You get the idea. It is something just for you that reminds you of who you are outside of being a mom.

  3. Ensure this time is protected. If you remain at home, let your support people know they should not come to get you unless the house is burning down! Also consider using noise cancelling headphones so allow you to really disconnect from the household or baby noises. Better yet, your support person could take the baby out for a walk in the stroller weather permitting.

The bottom line is that breaks are a necessity and because you won’t get as many as you need and deserve, we have to protect and make the most of the ones you do get. Good moms take breaks because they understand it helps them be the loving and patient moms they want to be. Give yourself permission to do this for you and your whole family.

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