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Stop Getting In Your Own Way

Many of us have internal beliefs that can create obstacles to getting the help we need.

We tell ourselves we should be able to do it by ourselves; we are worried people will think we are weak, a failure or a burden if we ask for help.

Think about this – if someone asked you for help – would you think they are weak, a burden or a failure – of course not.

Teachers can have a tough time with this one since they can easily manage a classroom filled with 25 children and they can’t understand why they have a hard time with 1 baby.

It is different, it is harder and it is being done while being severely sleep deprived.

When women overcome their internal objections/beliefs and ask for the help they need, they feel better, they cope better and their mood and emotions improve.

Don’t deprive yourself of this – you deserve help and you deserve to feel well so you can enjoy your baby and your life.

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