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Overwhelmed - How To Get Relief

Many moms feel overwhelmed. It is normal.

This is a big job and usually much harder than we anticipated.

We have talked about “it takes a village to raise a baby” and it is true – but what if you don’t have a village.

A mom I was working with had her 2nd baby and was struggling. She was exhausted and overwhelmed. When she finally embraced asking for help, she felt an immediate sense of relief just knowing help was coming – and it was still 2 days away.

Just knowing she had help gave her a sense of relief and hope that she could somehow manage.

And then when the help arrived, it was so good. She felt like she could be a better mom and partner by getting to take a bit of time to herself and have some help with the kids and the house.

You deserve to feel this relief.

Asking for help is positive and healthy – and you will be so glad when you do it.

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