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New Baby & COVID Lockdown

If you live in Ontario like I do, we will be under another state of emergency as of today January 14.Through this whole pandemic my heart has broke for all of you having babies.You have been robbed of so much.

Everything has had to look so different and with that comes a tremendous amount of loss.It has been scary for so many to go to a hospital to give birth with so many restrictions and fear of becoming sick. And then not being able to have your family come to meet your new baby.

Coming home has looked different. The help I so strongly encourage women to ask for and accept has not been so straight forward.

Wanting to connect with other mom at mom and baby groups, mommy & me yoga and all the wonderful activities designed to foster connection and a new sense of community for moms have either been on hold or have transitioned to Zoom.

I just want to say it sucks and it is not fair and I know how hard all of this has been on you. So what is a new mom to do:Here are a few tips

• Talk on the phone. Yes actually talk so you can hear someone’s voice and they can hear yours (of course video chat is another great alternative)

• Let other people know how you are doing

• Make things easier by choosing convenient food to eat

• Take part in online groups to be connected with other moms

• If you have a partner, design time where he is on baby duty and you have time off, and then time where he also gets time for himself

• Join my FB group to be a part of a community who is in this together with you so we can support each other

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