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Motherhood is Harder Than we Expected

Motherhood is harder than we expect for most of us

Society tells us it is the best time of our lives and we need to enjoy every moment

The media paints a picture that all mothers feels so happy and fulfilled as mothers and filled with love and joy for their baby

When women feel something very different, they wonder what is wrong with them. The truth is nothing is wrong with them, they were simply set up with expectations that were not fair or realistic

Many new moms feels overwhelmed, lonely, bored, unhappy and wonder if they made a mistake because they are not having a good time and miss their old life

If you are feeling ways you did not expect that are causing you concern, please know you are normal. Many moms feel just like you do but they don’t always talk about.

I am developing a community that will be a safe place to talk about how you really feel and get the tools and support to feel better about being a mom.

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