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Do You Feel Selfish When You Take Time For Yourself?

Lots of moms have a hard time with this. It is easy to confuse self-care with being selfish. Many moms say, “I feel so guilty when I take time for myself” or “I feel so guilty when I crave time away from my family” – and I tell these moms, you have nothing to feel guilty about – it is normal to want time for yourself.

Too many women buy into the myth that they should be completely fulfilled by being a mom and that is just not fair or realistic. So let go of that myth and embrace the reality that all parents need time to step away from parenting and that is a good healthy thing to do.

And the truth is that taking time for self-care allows us to be the mom we want to be – kind, patient and giving. When we neglect our self-care, it can lead to a build of frustration and resentment. Don’t let that happen to you. Give yourself permission for self-care.

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