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All Moms Need Breaks - Yes That Means You Too!

So many moms buy into the myths – it is my baby, so this is my job; I signed up for this so it is what is expected of me; if I wanted to be a mom I shouldn’t need breaks – none of these statements are true, but we buy into them as if they are.

It is impossible to be the mom you want to be without taking breaks. If you are like most moms, you want to be patient, loving kind and breaks are needed so you can be that mom.

Remember we have been talking about what a big job mothering is – that reinforces the need for breaks.

One of the first obstacles moms need to overcome – is themselves. They need to give themselves permission to take breaks. You need to see breaks as “essential” and not a “luxury.”

You deserve breaks. You will feel better with breaks. And you and your family will all benefit when you can get some regular breaks.

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